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FIND is a technology company with a passion for empowering retailers through AI.

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A Vancouver, BC based technology company using powerful proprietary AI and machine learning to empower personalized shopping experiences for apparel, accessory and lifestyle retailers.


We acknowledge that customers are back in power of the decision making process and that we as solutions providers need to manage this expectation.


To bring the power that online retailers have to all retailers through a predictive, collaborative and integrated platform with minimal upfront cost and IT commitment.

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Our ethos is one of a sustainability focused, ethical and socially impactful nature. We foster a climate of awareness and inclusion at every level of operation in a multicultural and gender neutral environment we are proud to call home.


We love this planet, and we’re aware the policies and practices of the retail industry are both costly to their bottom line, and to the most critical bottom line of all – our planet. Our experience in leveraging AI to improve retail performance must also provide clear and quantifiable KPI’s to our retailers on the environmental impact of their retail planning decisions.


1055 – 409 Granville Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada, V6C 1T2