Sustainability in Apparel — Part 2

Sustainability in Apparel — Part 2

Sustainability in Apparel — Part 2

Rob Hartman
Posted by Rob Hartman
June 19th, 2020 in Sustainability

Better Planning. Less Waste. Higher Revenue

A move towards a circular closed-loop system of production to recycling apparel is the holy grail.

Addressing this issue fully is an extremely complex task. It is becoming increasingly clear that the issue must be addressed by the industry, governments and society as a whole. Apparel brands and retailers can take steps but can not solve the problem solely on their own. To ultimately be successful, industry will have to work together with regulators to pass fair and effective production and waste management laws, partner with customers to educate them on the issue and what they can do to minimize their impact and with the recycling and waste management companies to enable the industry to move from a take-make-waste model to a circular closed-loop process that takes thoughtfully enables merchandise to be produced, used, reused, and recycled to the fullest extent.

The direct retail impact.

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