What do cows have to do with predictive inventory planning?

What do cows have to do with predictive inventory planning?

What do cows have to do with predictive inventory planning?

Poya Haghnegahdar
Posted by Poya Haghnegahdar
June 19th, 2020 in General

When a farmer looks at the field and sees the herd sat down, it’s a sure sign that rain is on the way. With FIND’s retail inventory planning software, you don’t wait for the storm — you anticipate it. Just like our farsighted farmer.

Now might be a good time to throw away the spreadsheet and what used to work, if indeed it actually did work — and look at the cows.

Our AI-powered web app looks back, forward, and out into the wider world, helping you plan for what’s coming, not just what’s happening. Everyone’s an expert after the fact. What you should have known, what you should have seen — easy in hindsight, not so easy in the moment. But everything’s a progression. At one time, it was enough to plan in the spreadsheet; look at last year’s numbers, add a little extra.

“How’s the budget looking?”….“ Pretty good!”

The problem is that rules of thumb and educated guesses no longer work. If the current situation has taught us anything, it’s that with traditional tools, the plan you have only works if the world falls in line. And that’s before you take the complexity of the modern market, with its multi-stores, emerging sales channels, trends and new players, into account.

FIND can tell you where to put inventory within your network of stores for optimal sales. It predicts the best way forward, and if demand changes, nudges you with ever-smarter machine-learning intelligence to make adjustments that help reduce over-buys, stock-outs, mark-downs and retail waste.

Feed in a big budget that plays out across multiple categories, collections, seasons and vendors, and FIND thrives. If you manage a large team, FIND sets you up for success with simple tools to assign areas of responsibility, apportioned budgets — the works. And it excels across all business models, whether you’re big in brick and mortar, or adapting to a higher percentage eCommerce model.

In volatile times, when next year looks like another planet and when the game changes and sales samples, store visits and past season reviews go out the window — FIND’s ability to predict the best path forward is no longer a nice to have. It’s essential.

If the way you’re working is no longer working, FIND would love to help you plan for everything.

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