predictive ai for retail.

Take your retail planning spreadsheets beyond static spreadsheets that don’t factor in future internal and external data.

Create multiple sales plans, make item level adjustments, incorporate real-world knowledge and have instant visibility on the predicted effect on your revenues and margin.

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FIND AI Retail Analytics

turbo-charge your retail spreadsheets.

train your retail data.

with ai powered planning and supply chain solutions and predict optimal plans in real time.

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FIND AI Analytics and Forecasting for Retail Marketing and Planning


Do more than plan and buy based on last years numbers. Predict optimal plans for your seasons and make adjustments based on automated adjustment recommendations throughout the life cycle of that plan.

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Know where to move it. Optimize the already challenging logistic of allocating products to multiple locations at the beginning of a season with real time predicted recommendations based on your products performance.

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FIND AI Analytics and Forecasting for Retail Marketing and Planning


Fed from real-time internal and external data FIND Plan provides clear and transparent visibility to everyone in your organization, ensuring that all resources are operating from the same, consistent and real-time source of truth.

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planners rejoice.

predict and optimize your planning spreadsheets in a single click.

Use demand based predictions to find the optimal spend across departments, classes,  time periods, product attributes and locations – because knowing before you buy is critical.

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Not quite ready to jump into the AI pool?

meet periscope for planners.

Your predictive deep dive into your current retail data. Get a first hand look at how FIND Plan can supercharge your retail planning process.

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FIND Periscope for Planners

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